By Ty Ward, Founder of Advocate


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With the rise of eLearning, it’s never been as possible as it is right now for you to monetize your message online as an author. Unfortunately, this also means the space is increasingly competitive, complicated and therefore, ineffective in creating actual impact for customers.

In example, there are currently over 40 learning management systems to host your product ... endless amounts of sales strategies and software and tools ... countless product scripts, plans —all with their pros and cons. AND in terms of ineffective: the average finish rate of an eCourse today is between 3-7%!

In a recent discovery call, I had a client capture the challenge of starting an eLearning business perfectly when he said,

I know I can throw stuff at a wall for the next year and some of it will stick ... but as much as I love wasting money and time, I think I’d rather just invest now into a plan that works.

And that’s exactly what a roadmap is designed to do.

A good roadmap aligns the right mentality, product model, marketing strategy and team to save you time, money and energy AND create exponential results!

In short, a good eLearning roadmap creates four things for you...

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.34.06 AM.png

These four things are what I want for you!

My hope is this short 5-part guide has offered a picture of what’s possible and given you more clarity, confidence and understanding, along with the feeling of momentum!

I hope the experiences of JP Sears, Havilah Cunnington and others encourage you to join the ranks of Authorpreneurs to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity that eLearning has created today.

Here’s to you having it all—the exposure, impact and finances!

Here’s to you creating sustainable impact and economics as an author by building a business around your writing online!


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PS) If you’re committed to TURNING YOUR PLATFORM AND WRITING INTO AN e-Learning business, I can help.