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I help influencers build brands.

  • What does that even mean?

    Simply put, my team helps authors, speakers, and/or executives maximize their message & presence online.

    Regardless of past success or how life-changing ones message may be, marketing has changed. Anyone creating things to share with the world must now understand how to cultivate a connection with an audience online.

    We help influencers do just that—grow their connection to an audience & monetize their message in creative ways.

  • Who have you done this for?

    I've had the opportunity to help several dozen influencers over the past couple of years. Some of the favorites would have to be Wm. Paul Young, John & Lisa Bevere, Danny Silk, Graham Cooke & several others. Among them, we've helped land several books on the NY Times list, launch six-figure-making eCourses & grow fan bases up to 15x.

    See a full portfolio & what fun things we have been able to accomplish with each.

  • How do I learn more?

    Visit our website here. Enjoy!




Though I spend my days in marketing strategy, I can't seem to kick the very unprofitable habit of writing. Some have said my perspective has changed them. Others have said I’m just another Millennial with a laptop. Feel free to subscribe & decide for yourself. 

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