Are you an author, speaker or leader wanting to grow platform, profit & people online?

Spend the next 90 days implementing our 4 keys to monetizing your influence online & walk away with a clear & tailored roadmap—including all the strategy, tools, workflows & training—for you and your team to turn your platform into profit & sustainable impact.

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It isn’t enough to write a bestselling book, be in-demand as a speaker or even have millions of views online anymore.

In the new influence economy, most influencers don’t meet their financial, lifestyle or impact goals from being an author or speaker or internet sensation.

Having a good product & a decent social media presence isn't enough. In this new eco-system—you've got to know how to build a business online. 

And while some see this as a reason to stay out of the game entirely, it's actually an unprecedented opportunity for exponential income, sustainable impact & personal freedom.

Five years ago, I shut down my company & launched Advocate—a marketing & advisory firm to exclusively help influencers monetize their message online. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to help create & launch over two dozen self-sustainable influencer-centric businesses—many of which do seven figures.

From this time, I've taken the highest impact marketing & digital business methodologies that I've used and created a clear & uncomplicated process to turn influence—traditional or digital—into a sustainable online business.

Whether you've wasted resources building an online platform with little success, you're scared to ruin your brand by being the disingenuous online salesman, or you're simply overwhelmed by all the things you could and should be doing online—The Influencer Engine offers tested guidance & a clear path to help you overcome any barrier—internal or external—and create a sustainable business online that you are proud of.

Currently, we accept up to 5 new members to the engine every month. If you think you'd be a good fit for it, simply apply below & we'll be in touch!


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Tyler and his team are extremely skilled in understanding what it is that your organization is wanting and helping you build a strategy that unveils like a GPS guiding you through unfamiliar territory.
Tyler is excellent in his approach and style of marketing. What I most appreciate is his wisdom, experience, and above all, his focus to keep our eyes on the goal… 
Tyler is the guide every influencer has been looking for. His ability to create a roadmap for a vision to become a reality is world class...
I am deeply grateful to Tyler and his team who have been essential participants in the ‘brain trust’ and providing strategic mindfulness. 

  • Why do I need The Influencer Engine?

    Creating a sustainable platform (aka message-driven business) online is increasingly difficult amidst all of the noise.

    A healthy portion of the leaders I have worked with come to me after spending far more money than they’ve made back throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks while trying to create influence and revenue online.

    They have either payed bloated agency costs or tried to do it in house without the expertise and have not seen the return on investment needed to sustain, and much less, grow.

    Regardless if you’ve tried and failed or you’re just getting started, wasting massive amounts of time and money building influence online is not just possible, but likely.

    This 3 Month Process offers proven guidance & a tailored path designed by an experienced marketer without all the overhead & time suck.

  • What’s the time commitment required?

    The Influencer Engine is a 90 Day Process...

    It’s designed to be focused & efficient and can be done virtually or in person.

  • How do I know The Influencer Engine will work?

    Every leader, message & audience we work with is different & therefore the way to success isn’t a clear path of a, b & c. However, the results our ROADMAP’s have created for previous partners speaks to our commitment to craft a plan that actually works.

    See exactly what these roadmaps accomplished on our portfolio here.

  • Who has gone through the The Influencer Engine?
    We've had the opportunity to roadmap online endeavors for several dozen influencers over the past couple of years. Some of our favorites have been Wm. Paul Young, JP Sears, John & Lisa Bevere, Danny Silk, Graham Cooke & others.

    More details here..