I’m fascinated by the impact of our daily routines.

Rhythms is a seven day email course on how to design your daily rhythms, in cooperation with your biology, to increase energy, productivity & margin.

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An Introduction.


Eighteen months ago, my doctor handed me a stack of papers documenting all the ways my body is handicapped at sustaining energy. I’ve known something was wrong for some time, considering that naps and six cups of caffeine a day had become close companions.

I’m 31 years old, but my body apparently thinks otherwise. It’s functioning like a senior citizen.

These papers invited me into an investigation of how to boost my energy levels. What I walked away with was far more than that.

My research kept coming back to how energy—physical, mental & emotional—is the common denominator of all the most cited reasons for success, including efficiency, motivation & even opportunity.

It became undeniable. Optimize my energy, and I optimize my productivity, passion & chances of creating the life I want.

Not so coincidentally, as I've applied my findings, I’ve felt better, accomplished more, made more money, and had more opportunity than any previous 18 month window of my life.

So, here's the plan...

For the next seven days, I'll be passing along the most impactful things I've discovered about energy optimization. All of which, in one way or another, is informed by Chronobiology (our natural biological & energetic rhythms) and will directly speak to how to schedule our daily routines.

Can't wait!


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