By Ty Ward, Founder of Advocate & The Influencer Engine

WHEN IT COMES TO SCALING TO SEVEN FIGURES ONLINE, there’s a thin line between having a team and having the right team.


 Influencers waste a lot of money on the wrong manpower.

The full-service agencies. The jack-of-all-trades executive assistant responsible for writing copy, managing social media & learning Facebook Ads. The website-designer cousin in charge of launching & selling online products. The experienced marketer brought in on a full-time, overly-generous salary ... whose first step was to go hire a team.

You certainly don’t have to have a pot of gold to build an author-centric business online, especially when starting out. But if you’re committed to building a seven-figure online business, you can’t do it alone.

A team is imperative, as you scale. However, there’s a thin line between having a team and having the right team at the right time. Everything hinges on who you hire & how you structure.

Who to Hire.

You may not need five people on your team immediately (or ever) to get to seven figures. However, you will need these five gift-sets on your team in some capacity.

1) THE Strategist.

→ Who?

Someone you trust with experience in the digital (and ideally eLearning) space that can transpose who you are and what you want to accomplish into an actionable plan.

→ How?

It’s usually in your best interest to contract for this work, instead of bring someone in full-time or even part-time, for several reasons:

  • Proven experience & high-level strategy for the digital space isn’t cheap today.

  • To get the best out of a strategist, it’s best to isolate that gift rather than also hire them to manage or implement.

I recommend partnering with a strategist on a consulting basis, with enough engagement to earn the trust of your team, but not enough to bloat your overhead.