The author eco-system has changed.

It isn’t enough to write a good book anymore. To create sustainable impact & financial success, you must know how to build a brand & business online.

In this 35 page blueprint, I share the framework I've used to help dozens of bestselling & self-published authors create sustainable high 6 & 7-figure online platforms!

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The digital landscape has introduced an entirely new game for authors.

This book shows you how to master this new game by marrying the "3 M's" of Authorpreneurship: High-leverage product Models + Rainmaking Marketing + a Proven Map.  

Today, all authors must become entrepreneurs. And while some may see this as a reason to stay out of the game entirely, I see it as an unprecedented opportunity for exponential income, sustainable impact & personal freedom.  

In this 35 page book, you'll learn...

+ The common pitfalls of building an online author-centric business.

+ How to find & choose the highest leverage product model for YOU.

+ A marketing blueprint built around the customer journey that creates a self-generating business with an exponential sales effect.

+ A 7-step plan to start building your online business immediately.


What Others Are Saying...

Tyler and his team are extremely skilled in understanding what it is that your organization is wanting and helping you build a strategy that unveils like a GPS guiding you through unfamiliar territory.
— Danny Silk, Founder of Loving on Purpose Life Academy
Tyler is excellent in his approach and style of marketing. What I most appreciate is his wisdom, experience, and above all, his focus to keep our eyes on the goal… 
— Graham Cooke, Founder of Brilliant Perspectives
Tyler is the guide every influencer has been looking for. His ability to create a roadmap for a vision to become a reality is world class. He also happens to be a pretty good hang. 
— Brandon Hawk, Founder of Hawk Coaching
I am deeply grateful to Tyler and his team who have been essential participants in the ‘brain trust’ and providing strategic mindfulness. 
— Wm. Paul Young, Author of The Shack 

Five years ago,

I launched The Advocate Agency—a marketing & advisory firm to exclusively help authors maximize & monetize their message online. I've been fortunate enough to help create & launch over a dozen self-sustainable author-centric online businesses—several of which do seven figures.

During this time, I've had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of marketing paradigms, strategies & tactics and have developed a framework to help any author willing to become an author-preneur create a seven-figure business online.

I don’t just love what I do, but I believe a fundamental part of my mission in life is to see authors create good art, obtain personal freedom & scale their impact in the world.